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Carl J. Basmania, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Deborah Wilkins. Seldom does one have the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation where the primary problem is coming up with enough different superlatives to describe that person’s work. Deborah is truly one of those people who have far exceeded the standards of every job she has had. Her performance is extraordinary. She is a highly organized administrator who has the ability to keep in touch with everything going on about the office without being overbearing or repressive. Deborah had the exceptional aptitude to feel out problem areas and correct them before most other people even appreciated the problem. She never accepted the status quo and seemed to always anticipate the needs within the department.

Her administrative, organizational and interpersonal skills are second to none. Her achievements invariably surpassed expectations and any organization she works for will be the better for it and the envy of competitors. She is fully capable of being the administrator of any size health organization - I fully expect to follow her career as she continues to advance to higher and higher levels.

Again, it is a pleasure to write this unconditional letter of recommendation for Deborah Wilkins. I have no hesitation whatsoever in giving her the highest possible endorsement any person could ask for.
John A. Feagin, MD
Professor Emeritus
Duke Orthopaedic Surgery
It is a great privilege to give my wholehearted recommendation on behalf of Ms. Deborah Wilkins. Easily, she is one of the most talented, insightful, team-oriented executive directors that I have ever met.

…I would have confidence in her managerial and leadership skills at any level of the University or private sector. Deborah understands commitment to a mission, the discipline involved in accomplishing the goals, and the requisites of decision-making and teamwork to accomplish goals based on sound principles. With all of these skills, Deborah can be depended upon to act in good conscience, good faith, and with the highest level of integrity. I would trust her to be my spokesman under all circumstances.

On the debit side, I cannot think of a single detraction or distraction. Deborah is fun to work with. Professionalism, dignity and grace define her style.

Thank you for the privilege of recommending this outstanding visionary leader to you.
Lawrence D. Higgins, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
It is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Deborah Wilkins. I have had the great pleasure of working with Deborah – for those fortunate enough to work with her, her professionalism, intelligence, experience and superb administrative talents are but a few of her laudable attributes.

Briefly stated, I have never met an individual more suited for a high level administrative and organizational task. Furthermore, Deborah is an individual with exceptional vision. Deborah not only is able to clearly see the forest from the trees, she is able to meticulously plan and affect her goals. While accomplishing this, she builds a unique esprit de corps among her staff and is one of those rare people who consistently makes those around her just a little bit better. What further impresses those who work with Deborah is her incredible attention to detail.

Deborah has secured both the respect and admiration from those with whom she works. Most importantly, those who work for her feel the same way. This balance sets her apart from all those you'll meet in the search for the ideal individual.

I give to Deborah Wilkins my highest unconditional recommendation and congratulate the people who are fortunate enough to offer her a position she accepts. She will outperform all of your highest expectations.
Michael Sean Hooker, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
I have had the opportunity to be associated with and get to know Ms. Wilkins over the past two years. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, organization, and business savvy.

I have been a practicing orthopedic surgeon for five years – done a significant amount of locums work throughout the southeast. I can attest that during this time I have not come across another practice administrator with more experience, more energy or more vision. Every interaction with Deborah impressed me that she is a woman of integrity, who will deliver what she has promised. …I have enlisted her consulting services in evaluating practice opportunities. Her insight into how successful medical practices are run, her knowledge of contracts, and her contacts within a larger medical management community proved to be invaluable… I have found her to be nothing but a consummate and loyal professional who has thrown her full efforts into everything she does.

I believe wholeheartedly that she is a true expert in the field of medical practice management and that she will provide you with nothing but the highest level of service. I recommend her highly and without hesitation.  
R. Lawrence Reed, II, MD
Chief of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Burns
Loyola University Medical
I highly recommend Mrs. Deborah Wilkins to you. I consider her coming to work for me to be one of the best things that has ever happened in my professional career. Very quickly after starting to work for me, Deborah immediately put my office, my schedule, and the Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care Unit personnel into a degree of order and efficiency that has never previously existed. She was able to identify and correct several areas of cost-savings for the Department that I am sure more than adequately offset the cost of her salary. In short, she paid for herself. … I have been consistently beset with praise from patients and other contacts about her courtesy, professionalism, and effectiveness.…

Deborah was asked to take on several administrative responsibilities for the Duke Trauma Center …monitoring state and other regulatory agency requirements… oversight of the newsletter… developing proposals for external funding, initiatives, grants, demonstration projects, etc.… convening the Trauma Executive Committee… (collaborating with) the Duke Trauma Center Outreach Coordinator to facilitate referral goals … administrative duties related to the Duke Trauma Service…coordination of QA/QI initiatives … Duke Trauma Registry database reporting on Trauma Center performance. … She was never paid (additionally) for these duties, and excelled in them nonetheless. (Our newsletter) was cited by Bishop+Associates as a Best Practice model for their Managed Trauma Care Project. …Deborah is one of the most committed, caring and enthusiastic workaholics I have ever known. She has an excellent sense of humor, and a great taste for the ironic.… It is absolutely clear to me that Deborah can run rings around several individuals who are paid more and are in higher positions than she. Yet large institutions like this are usually plagued by inefficiencies and inabilities to capitalize on opportunities. I am convinced that an individual like Deborah Wilkins will always be able to make her mark on a place – but it is up to the place to make the right use of it.

You will be lucky if you can recruit Deborah Wilkins into your employ. However, you should be warned that she will not just take any job. She can easily afford to be selective in her choice of opportunities. If you can get her, your efforts will be amply rewarded.
Alvin F. Wells, MD, PhD
Having the chance to work with (Ms. Wilkins) on two editions of the (Duke Sports Medicine) newsletter was both enjoyable and educational. It is clear that (Ms. Wilkins) has a talent for bringing together groups of people with an idea and making it a reality. (Her) organizational skills were also evident in the musculoskeletal review courses that (she) helped to spearhead. Both the newsletter and the courses continue to both impact medical providers and their patients throughout our region. (Her) professional manner, charming personality and bright smile has madeit purely a joy… Thank you again for the opportunity.
Hospital Administrators
Debby Hester Administrator
I had the pleasure of working with Deborah at the Duke Sports Medicine Clinic from July 1998 to August 1999. During this time, Deborah turned an administrative office that had no leadership and organization into one of the most efficient offices in the Duke System.

Deborah is one of the most dedicated people I have ever encountered, both personally and professionally. She has the keen ability to look at an issue or problem, decide what action is appropriate to resolve it, and not stop until her goal had been achieved. She has been and remains a mentor for many people seeking to better themselves in their professions.

She encourages her staff to work hard and leads them by showing how hard she is willing to work. Deborah is a highly intelligent and dedicated worker, and a very fine person who will be successful in any endeavor - any business would be enriched to have her as a member of their staff.
Bob Singletary
President and CEO
Maria Parham
Medical Center
As President and CEO of Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson, NC I had the good fortune of working with Deborah Wilkins on a vital project at the hospital recently. We became aware of her when she was the Administrator of an orthopedic group we were in discussions with about joining our medical staff. It was readily apparent that she was very experienced and knowledgeable about the business of running orthopedic practices. She showed a deep understanding of billing, collecting, coding, marketing, construction and design, and other issues involved in the day to day operations as well as strategic concerns of a practice. Her communications skills and people skills too were impressive in her display of energy and commitment to get the job done.

We used her as a consultant in establishing a practice under the employment of the hospital. It was the first orthopedic practice the hospital had endeavored to put under its direct control and it was to be the foundation for an effort to re-establish orthopedics as a premier service. She did not disappoint. Her assistance with all aspects of setting up the practice including all of the above as well as the ordering of equipment/furniture/IT systems was invaluable.

Her follow-up was excellent and she has a sense of urgency that is palpable. I can heartily recommend Deborah for an engagement that will tap her vast experience and expertise in the field of orthopedic practice management. She can produce!
Kevin Sowers, RN, MSN
Operating Officer
Duke Trauma Center
I have worked closely with Ms. Wilkins through our mutual involvement in the Duke Trauma Center. I found her to be responsible, dependable, and self-motivated. She takes the initiative to complete a variety of projects in an accurate, professional and timely manner. She pays close attention to detail. She is able to coordinate many projects of varying complexity; she pays appropriate attention to both routine and complex duties.
Physician's Assistants
David W. Gehrman, PA-C
Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics
I have found Ms. Wilkins to be extremely energetic, hard-working, capable, cooperative and dependable. Through her initiative and efforts, significant improvements in the structure, organization and efficiency of this practice were realized. Her efforts go beyond the technical needs and requirements to include those intangibles which enhance cooperation among co-workers as well as those which promote the positive perception of the practice in the community-at-large.
Daniel P. Sellers, PA-C
Rebound Orthopaedics
I have known Deborah since 2003, when she hired me out of physician assistant school… I attribute my current success to the foundation she helped me lay during our time together.

(Deborah) undertook the difficult task of turning a practice into a profitable and respected group. Not only did Deborah hire a great group of employees, she also formed them into a cohesive unit that worked well together. She was tirelessly working to maintain high standards within the office and consistently found ways to improve work flow and patient outcomes. She was working on multiple building projects to help our thriving practice expand, and did so in a very efficient manner. She has a great working knowledge of the medical field. She is very adept at finding deficiencies and (the) solutions to fix them, and always has a new idea for continued growth.

What I respect most about Deborah is her ability to relate to people.…She always had an open door policy and gave due respect to each employee, (and in turn) was well-respected… She was quick to praise and slow to judge. She was also very prompt in dealing with patient concerns.

When I think of my ideal boss… I think of someone who motivates, encourages, provides guidance and leadership and someone who gains respect through their actions. Deborah embodies all these attributes.
Other Professionals
Bill Holden
Printing Manager
I heard you were leaving Duke! Say it isn't so! I have really enjoyed working with you over the past few years. I have often commented to members of my team how your projects are well-thought out, and professionally managed. Duke is losing a valuable resource, but I'm sure some other organization will recognize your value (if one hasn't already).
Brian A. Maxwell, RA
Planning, Architecture
I have constructed three orthopedic projects with Deborah Wilkins and have done planning for several other clinics, including an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Deborah is one of the most well organized and deliberate individuals in this field. Her knowledge transcends all aspects of the design and construction fields including programming, planning, scheduling, and budgeting. She has an uncanny ability for reading and interpreting plans and vast knowledge of patient and staff flows through (medical) spaces that is invaluable when designing medical facilities. She kept everything running smooth and seamless throughout the entire process. Every project we have completed is not only functional and cost-effective but a space in which I am proud (to have been a part of creating). Her character and drive are assets to any team…
Evelyn McCauley
Creative Director
I have had the privilege of working with Deborah Wilkins as she held positions with several orthopedic departments and practices, collaborating on marketing, advertising and design projects. I have always found her to be an exceptional professional, one who always holds the needs of her position and the practice she serves above all else. She acts with intelligence and clarity of thought, and her marketing expertise and savvy design sense always make our projects together some of the best I’ve ever had the good fortune to develop.

I also find her to be a deeply committed individual, one who is concerned about the welfare of each practice, its patients, and those with whom she works. She has clearly devoted her professional life to a standard of performance that is rare, and exceptional. Any practice, new or established, would benefit greatly, and in a variety of ways, with Deborah at the business development helm. I have seen her build practices beyond their highest expectations, and restore struggling practices to a healthy level of success. She is tireless.

I truly value Deborah as a client, a professional friend, and colleague, and will continue to work with her. I have often used our client relationship as the standard by which I measure the success of my own business, and am honored to be included in her vast collection of resources.
Daniel W. Perry
Executive VP
Shelco, Inc.
We have worked directly with Deborah Wilkins on two projects: a 65,000 square foot orthopaedic center and a 15,000 square foot orthopaedic satellite office. In the programming and design phase, her knowledge of what it takes to make a practice efficient was invaluable. Deborah’s concise analysis and decision making keeps the whole team on the right course. She is able to focus both on the details and the ultimate goal of the project. Her organizational skills are second to no one. Deborah leads by example in her commitment to the project and the project team. I look forward to working with her because of her extraordinary leadership and professionalism.